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With a hardcore, edgy exterior and a plush, high-tech cabin,

the JETOUR T2 is making waves in the SUV game

With a hardcore, edgy exterior

and a plush, high-tech cabin,

the JETOUR T2 is making waves

in the SUV game

A number of years ago, much of the Middle East had somewhat of an awkward relationship with off-road driving. The desire was there, certainly. The vast expanses of rugged terrain were there, too. The problem was that these glorious spots were often just largely unreachable by car — way offroad, for want of a better phrase. Thankfully, the gap has been bridged somewhat in recent years, with better access routes to mountainous beauty achieved, meaning that off-road adventure is now just a short drive away. Custom built for the arrival of the JETOUR T2, you might say.

First things first: regardless of where you go to find excitement, we’re firm believers that you should look good in the process. With sharp lines and a rugged, angular cool, the design language of the JETOUR T2 is described as “hardcore”. And we get that. But there’s a soft, retro charm there as well. A real personality. In a busy market, the T2 has the style chops to stand out.

Derived from the words ‘jet’ and ‘tour’ (meaning ‘convenient’ and ‘travel’ in Mandarin), JETOUR is more than just a snappy title — it’s a mission statement. So, while the exterior is rugged and bold, the interior adds a touch of luxury to the toughness. Here, an almost industrial feel is undeniable, with exposed bolts and rivets as well as a minimalist layout. But the futuristic driver’s cockpit, the 64-inch panoramic sunroof, and plush suede seating collective prove that style and substance go together.

Your cabin is filled with other smarts, too. There’s intelligent voice control, the use of environmentally friendly materials, premium soundproofing,and Sony audio configuration for when you want the sound inside to be on another level. Add the oversized central control screen – perfect for both operating the car and watching movies – and we fully understand should you wish to not only drive the T2, but possibly live in it as well. There’s certainly room.

Of course, good looks and neat features are all well and good, but this is a beefy new SUV with big market competition, so we need performance, too. When driving in the city, the T2 offers a suitably comfortable, safe, and responsive drive. That might seem like a throwaway line, but it’s not. Regardless of your off-roading ambitions, it’s likely that the majority of your driving will come in an urban environment, so the fact that the T2 has you covered here is important.

But, of course, it’s when you take the T2 off the beaten track that the fun really starts, and thanks to the XWD technology and multiple driving modes, it can tackle any number of landscapes. The most exciting element? The XWD (X Wheel Drive) technology. Exclusive to the market, this fully intelligent drive system will switch instantly from 4WD to 2WD, depending on the situation you find yourself in. No need to stop and switch when you need a little more power — the oomph comes as a standard.

In a busy and powerful SUV market, the JETOUR T2 is not simply here to make up the numbers. Competitively priced and ruggedly charming, it has a drive experience that could really make a name for itself in the region and beyond. With greater access to the Middle East’s natural beauty ever increasing, it looks like your off-road adventures just got a whole lot better looking.(Published in GQ Middle East April 2024 issue)


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